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» » » » PHOTO: Actor George Clooney And Wife Amal Clooney Are Expecting Twins

 "The Talk"  host Julie Chen, has confirmed rumors that the Hollywood actor George Clooney 55, and wife Amal Clooney 39, international human rights lawyer are expecting twins, a boy and a girl, even though the couple still haven't publicly made the announcement.

Chen said:

"Beyoncé is not the only superstar expecting twins," she said on the show, "Congratulations are in order for George and Amal Clooney!"
According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, actor Matt Damon who is George Clooney's BFF, confirmed the pregnancy news. He said Clooney told him about Amal's pregnancy himself. He said:

“I was working with him last fall and he pulled me aside on set and I mean, I almost started crying. I was so happy for him”. “And I was like, ‘How far along is she?’ And he goes, ‘Eight weeks."
He said he exclaimed and told Clooney:
“‘Are you out of your mind?! Don’t tell anybody else! Don’t tell anybody else! Don’t you know the 12-week rule?’ Like of course he doesn’t.” He continued, “‘Just shut up, man.’ And then four weeks later, I’m like, ‘We’re good right?’” Clooney answered, “We’re good.”

It could be recall that the Hollywood sweetheart, George Clooney, previously swore that he'd never get married or ever have a child, is now married and expecting two children. That's what happens when you meet the right one. Congrats to them.

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