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» » » PLEASE HELP!! This Lady, Aver Akighir Needs Your Help To Be Able To Get a New Leg

By Kamo Sende

13 years ago, in the second month of 2003,  pretty Ms. Aver Akighir was returning from church on a bright new day and she had a life changing encounter.
Like many devote and amazing women, Aver had gone to church to commune with the creator and was returning on a motorbike when she was knocked down by a speeding car.

Aver suffered a fracture and was admitted in the hospital for a long time, a situation I would later learn dragged on until the unfortunate amputation of her leg.
Because she refused to be defeated, Aver did not stop. She went ahead to seek an artificial leg that would complement the other human one and put her through her activities.
It was in this situation that Aver proceeded to the COE Katsina-ala and later the prestigious Benue State University where I would later learn she bagged a B.A English, and later completed her compulsory service year with the NHRC.

Activities around this woman have shown that she has refused to be defeated.
She has with her challenge taken on activities to the envy of others.
Aver is one of the few people who have "made lemonades out of the lemons thrown at them by life".

Today, many years down the line, beautiful miss Aver Akighir is experiencing excruciating pain having out grown her leg.
She can no longer make use of her old leg because it "chokes" her and gives her pain.
The bid to get a more comfortable one led her to an experienced medical doctor who has said Aver can only be afforded one if she is able to raise a million and a hundred thousand extra.

As someone who is bad in mathematics, I took a lot of time to arrive at the fact that,
If out of the over 180, 000 000 000 people we have, 1000 of them send Ms. Aver a thousand Naira Each, then she would be able to afford herself a leg.

For a very long time, "we the willing have been doing so much with so little that it is now possible for us to do anything with almost nothing".
The times are challenging but through our uncommon drive, vigor and sacrifice, Aver can have a new leg.
Let us launch a campaign to help Aver with a thousand Naira each and in a week, we would be able to afford Aver a new leg.

We have done greater things, we can do this.
There would be no greater love than giving a fellow a life they deserve.
They will be no bigger show of love than helping a fellow who doesn't want to fall stand.

Account Number: 0139406095
Bank: GTB
Name: Aver Akighir

Phone: 080 6855 4752     081 101896 00

We can do this.
N1000 for 1000 Nigerians and Aver has a New leg.

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