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» » » Heartbroken Guy & MMM Victim From Benue Writes Funny Letter To MMM & Its a Must Read... Lol

Dear MMM, how are you?

 With all protocol duly and respectively observe. See ehnn, no big grammar, just to remind you that, the money wey I used enter that your trapped na my daughter's school fees.

Just pity me, forgive me if I offended you in anyway, don't mind my former life, just pay me. See, if I lose this money, so many matter go sub, I know say you be good guy and you always do the needful, do am for your guy. Someone cannot play with you again? Haba nah, I know some jokes are expensive this maybe one of them albeit, even if na to chop half, make me I chop half, do am. The synopsis is that, I need this money like kilode, you can freeze the rest after my payment. Thanks in anticipation. Your faithfully. Aerkera Kumawuese'Ter Beston Daniel (Last participant MMM High-Level).
.See his post on facebook..

Imagine this kan see most of his reply to people asking him to forget...

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