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» » » » » » UPDATE! Tor Tiv Selection Process Continues Tomorrow As King-makers And Govt Officials Engage In War Of Words [SEE FULL GIST ]

The meeting to select a new Tor Tiv which held at Ijir Tamen, gboko today ended in deadlock as government official and king makers engaged each other over selection process.

An anonymous source who was at the meeting sent this to me and ask that i publish it. Read what he sent below;

Queendoosh,Government finally takes side... Stands against the candidature of Akume and presents its own candidate....

Benue state governor who promised a transparent process of selection finally changes his mind and insists that, Prof Ayatse be selected as the next Tor Tiv.

The government representative, disclosed this in a secret meeting with Minda rulers of the governors prefered candidate and it led to them vehemently kicking against the candidate of George akume's prefered candidate, justice Ikpambese.

According to the source, the government representative, insisted that the voting process be made open. That is if you are to vote, stand up and declare that

"i so and so present this person as the next Tor Tiv.

The source also accused Professor Ityavyar ,who was there to represent the governor at Ijir Tamen of hijacking the whole process and threatening the king makers to maintain the governors stand, which led to altercation between him and Chief Afatyo Ajoko, Ter Buruku who openly rebuked Ityavyar to his face, adding that they were not government stooges to be compelled to do otherwise.

The meeting at Ijir Tamen, however ended deadlock as the kingmakers could not even decide on which zone will produce the next Tor Tiv he added.

Process continues tomorrow again.... will keep you updated

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