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» » » » » UPDATE ON TOR TIV STOOL: Read Developing Story From Ijir Tamen

In the early hours of today, Governor Samuel Ortom ably represented by his Special Adviser on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Titus Zam addressed Tiv Traditional Council (ijirtamen) in Gboko, the traditional headquarters of the Tiv people where he reiterated his earlier resolve not to interfere in the selection process.

The Governor's representative enjoined King makers to select a God fearing man and not on the basis of the highest bidder and prayed for a peaceful selection process.
Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Dennis A Ityavyar who is the Chairman of the selection committee on his part noted that the electoral college is made up of 6 first class Chiefs, 14 second class Chiefs(uter) and 28 third class Chiefs (imue Ter)which gives the electoral college a total of 48.
However, 2 third class Chiefs from Gboko are disqualified to vote since their emergence is being challenged in alaw court and there is an injunction order restraining them from parading as third class Chiefs.The implication is that, we now have 46 members on the electoral college.
Now the argument of intermediate areas was completely ruled out and Ipusu I Sha Kwande with their brothers from Sankera were asked to dialogue and decide where the next king will come from.No compromise reached.
HRH, Ayua Abomtse moved a motion that since the option of dialogue could not yield any fruitful result, Ipusu I Sha Kwande and their brothers from Sankera should nominate one candidate each for election to be conducted tomorrow.The motion is being deliberated upon. No consensus reached yet.
That is where we are now.
Alu Tor Tiv hingir Sha kwagh u or nan hembe inger Nana yaan hanma shie yo toh. A Zaan tso anengen.
Source - Ashi wave 99.9 FM Katsina-Ala.

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