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» » RED ALERT!! Plastic Poisonous Rice From China Flood Nigerian Markets

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has raised red alert, as intelligence report indicated that some die-hard rice smugglers have begun shipment of plastic rice to Africa from China in what was clearly a selfish move aimed at swelling their profits, regardless of the consequences of their poisonous imports.

Its spokesman, Wale Adeniyi, warned the citizenry to be aware of the plastic rice, while he likened the food fraudsters to fake drug dealers who do not mind poisoning an entire community as long as they make huge profits from their unwholesome trade.

The NCS warning, however, confirms a recent report by Natural News and Korean Times that alerted that China was mass producing plastic rice for huge profit, pretending it was not aware of the grave health challenges, Daily Sun reports.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has confiscated 102 bags of "plastic rice" smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen who wanted to sell it during the festive season, a senior customs official in the main city, Lagos, has said. 

Preliminary analysis of the "plastic rice, after boiling it, shows how sticky the rice was and only God knows what would have happened if our people consumed it", Haruna Mamudu added in a statement. 

Mr Mamudu did not explain how the plastic rice was made but said it had been branded as "Best Tomato Rice".

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