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» » » » Queen Of Drama, Azealia Banks Throws Shade At Nicki Minaj ; Tells Her To Lose Some Weight

Lol... Call her queen of drama or pulling stunts and you wont be completely wrong. Miss Banks , in  a Facebook post which she shared and has since deleted threw a shade at her fellow musician, Nicki Minaj because she felt Nicki Minaj took shots at her in her video game.
Early this month, Nicki Minaj unveiled her new mobile game Nicki Minaj: The Empire, in which players could build their own path to rap superstardom.
In the game,(In the screengrab above) there is a character slamming a fictitious artist named Fan2Sea, comparing them to a mermaid. Banks has a 2012 mixtape titled Fantasea that features her as a mermaid on the cover, so Banks assumed Nicki was taking indirect shots at her so she went on Facebook Tuesday morning and took shots at Nicki.

Banks started by telling Nicki to to lose weight, then says her fragrance “smells like car freshener” and her beverage “tastes like kitchen cleaner.” “You run around the meadow collecting all the low hanging fruit so you may turn around and congratulate yourself for having the most fruit, but all of [it] is mealy and mushy. I don’t understand why you are so impressed with yourself,” wrote Banks.

She told her not to go throwing shades because she did a collaboration with her ex, Safaree and also advised her to stop wearing spandex. Read the rest of what she wrote below..

Hours later, she had a change of heart, wrote these last posts below, then deleted the diss post.

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