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» » » » MUST READ! See Real Facts & Dangers Of Body Inking 'TATTOOS' You Never Knew

 By Anino Aganbi 

Some women in Nigeria and around the globe have become exposed to the cosmetic world of alternative body modifications through their personal interactions and social media. No longer is making up enough for women. Drawing tattoos on various parts of the body has now become the norm. For different people, drawing tattoos on the body is fashionable. But just how much do people really know about painting their bodies permanently and the effects it might have in the long run? Skin Allergies You could develop skin allergies anytime after getting a tattoo. Allergic reactions may not necessarily happen immediately after. The Number of Times you are Pierced This varies depending on the size and colors in the tattoo; your skin can be pierced between 50 and 3,000 times per minute.The Tattoo Machine itself The tattoo machine has four parts to it. The needle, the tube that holds the ink, an electric motor and a foot pedal to control the movement. Your Tattoo Ages With you As you get older, so does your tattoo. Your skin constantly replenishes itself and this cycle slows overtime, resulting in an aged appearance of your tattoo. Make sure that your tattoo artist follows these guidelines: They are a registered practitioner (if your state registers tattoo artists). They always wear gloves during the procedure. They have sterilizing units to sterilize equipments. The floors and surfaces are all clean. All the needles used are new, disposable, and made for single use only. The dressings are sterile, packed, and unopened. The dyes or ink used for the tattoo are also sterile, packed and unopened. The artist is available the first 24 hours if you have any problems. Reasons why you should not get a tattoo: You’re Pregnant. You have a serious skin condition. You are not fully committed to getting a tattoo. Think it over! You don’t have the money for it. Scarring Infections such as HIV and hepatitis due to re-use of needles

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