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» » Lol...See The Funny Text a Heartbroken Girl Received From Her Dad After He Heard Her Crying On Phone

Imagine sobbing your heart out to your close friend over the phone and as you let lose a storm of emotions after a heartbreak, your dad gets to hear your conversation.  A girl named Daleynee found herself in such a situation after her dad overheard her emotional phone call with a friend and the message he sent her is hilarious.

The teen who thought the text was funny posted it on Twitter , and revealed to Buzzfeed that it's a characteristic of his playful nature.

"We are always playing around," she told the site. 
"My mom gets mad at times because she thinks he can never be serious, but that's something I love about him. There's never a dull moment."
As for the text itself, Daleynee explained,
"I think he meant more of a stop whining because I was on the phone with one of my close friends for quite a while already."

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