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» » See 9 Major Code Conduct Act That Was Amended By The Nigerian Senate

The Nigerian Senate took a bold step
on Thursday by finally passing the
Code of Conduct amendment bill, 2016.
The amendment included - altering the
tenure of office of the chairman and
members of the Code of Conduct
Here are nine major adjustments made the CCT Act by the Nigerian Senate
1.Tenure of CCB Chairman altered from
serving until 70years to ONLY one term
of five years, renewable by only one
term. Entry age left at 50 2. Relocating the power to exercise
authority over the CCB from President
to the National Assembly.
3. Extending powers of AGF to
prosecute to private legal practitioners
to enable CCB to prosecute it's cases. 4. National Assembly (no longer
President) will now have the powers
to confer any additional powers (if
need be) on CCB.
5. A minimum of 3 out of 5 members
of the CCT must sit at all times to be deemed to have formed a quorum.
6. All nominated CCT members are
now to be subject to screening and
confirmation by the Senate.
7.To enable cases of exception under
the CCB Act to be handled by the National Assembly instead of the
8. Provisions of Evidence Act (2011)
are now to apply to the CCT where
crime is an issue.
9. Accused persons concerned in a case before CCB shall be given
opportunity to make a written
admission of any breach or non-
compliance and where such written
admission is made, there shall be no
reference to the CCT. - Bulletin

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