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» » » » » HISTORY! Tor Tiv (V) Will Be The First Ever To Be Installed By A Sitting Governor After The Second World War [MUST READ]

Tor Tiv (V)
It’s no longer news that Tor Tiv (V) will be the first Tor Tiv since the establishment of the stool after 2nd World War to be installed by a Governor that hails from Benue State. For the first time a Tor Tiv will be installed by a Tiv Governor.

For the first time, the Tiv people have agreed that the Tiv nation do not necessarily have an agenda and are in a dire need to have a Tor Tiv that is not partisan, that is relatively young, focused, purposeful, knowledgeable, smart, intelligent and financially stable.
My discussion is therefore, premised on what is in for the new Tor Tiv. What the next Tor Tiv must do to bring honour to his nation, to bring pride to his subject, to bring respect to his stool and to place the Tiv nation on a new pedestal of relevance in the scheme of national affairs and ultimately unite his people and bring about the needed development to the Tiv nation.
For a tribe that cut across 4 states and constitute slightly above 12million people spread across Nigeria, it is important for the new Tor Tiv to do the following:
1. The New Tor Tiv should befriend an important power broker nationally; it could be an important ethnic group (say the Hausa-Fulani) that will stand by her, defend her course and pursue her course. A certain Prof Onje Gyewado, a delegate from Nassarawa state during the 2015 national confab, revealed the minds of people who look at Tiv people from false stand point when he said Tiv people are “foolish ingrates ” “trouble makers” “uncompromising and unreasonable”. Such profiling of Tiv, supported by colonial and some historical documents, always mark the Tiv out as targets. Tor Tiv (V) together with his subjects, must work towards correcting this misconception.
2. Tor Tiv (V) should command respect enough to host the Sultan of Sokoto to a breakfast in Gboko, the Emir of Kano to a Breakfast in Gboko, The Emir of Zauzau to a Breakfast in Gboko, same with the Oba of Benin, the Ooni of Ife, Atta Igala, Shehu of Borno, Otse Nupe, Obi of Onitsha etc. Where alliances will be formed, objectives defined, results projected and milestones eventually reached.
3. The next Tor Tiv should host visiting Heads of States and Heads of Government in Kwa Tor and speak in Tiv to his visitor
4. Tor Tiv (V) should state how he and his successors will hence be addressed. Gondu Aluor was addressed as “Mallam”, AKperan Orshi was addressed as “Orchivirigh” Alfred Akawe Torkula was addressed as “Begha U Tiv” there should be consistency in addressing all Tor Tiv’s moving forward.

5. The next Tor Tiv should be political but not partisan
6. Tor Tiv (V) should know the total number of all Tiv Professors alive both within and without
7. The new Tor Tiv shoul know the chances of his subject working in an acting capacity at the federal level before a substantive is named including appointments
8. The next Tor Tiv should assert his power by virtue of the number of his subjects which cut across 4 states and argue for more inclusion in areas of federal appointments, federal presence in his state and scheme to close the federal infrastructural gap.

9. The new Tor Tiv (V) must mandate his subject to imbibe a conscious and deliberate plan that ensures all Tiv sons and daughters close the unemployment gap that presently exist by trading slots with their counter parts where ever they are engaged.

10. The new Tor Tiv should mystify the throne like the Benin people do, like the Ife people, like the Queen of England does. A mystery should be built around Kwa Tor, around the tombs of his ancestors, around his offices, about the way he begins his day, about how he receives visitors, when and how he eats and how he arrives at a function.
When Tor Tiv (V) achieves this, all sons and daughters of Tiv descent will pledge their loyalty, there shall be unity of purpose in land and development will naturally be achieved.
Samuel Tough 30/10/2016

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