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» » » 500L BSU MEDICAL STUDENT: More Details Emerges Over His Sudden Death

Rev Egbe praying at a church service
There is confusion over the sudden death of one Rev Victor Egbe who until his demise, was a 500 level medical student at Benue State University, Makurdi and also the General Overseer/Founder of Campus Witness Church. 

The sad event occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, 12 October 2016 when the young pastor was called to pray for a student who is ill at the university clinic. It was reported that immediately after the prayer, Rev Egbe slumped and died.

However, the family of the deceased has disagreed with the report alleging foul play in the events leading up to the sudden death of their son.
According to the statement issued by Pastor Emmanuel Egbe for the family, there were different and conflicting versions about the events surrounding the death and alleged that their son must have been murdered.
“The family of late Mr. Godwin Egbe is greatly disturbed with the conflicting details of the story about the sudden and mysterious death of their son victor Egbe a five hundred (500)level student of BSU. One version says that, He slumped inside the school clinic. While another version said he came outside, prayed for a while, lean against the wall then slumped. And then yet another version said he slumped at the entrance of the clinic”.
“However, the family is still bewildered at the spectrum of inconsistencies in the entire saga. A close observation of the corpse, revealed a SHARP DEEP CUT in-between the chin and the neck, that made him bleed for over ten hours, which the family suspected, he (Victor) must had been stabbed and a major vein cut within his neck region. Also, that his clothes was soaked in blood from his shoulder downward indicates, he started bleeding while standing.
“In the attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the death, the family is being frustrated with a perceived conspiracy, that the family members are alarmed and flummoxed at the attitude of most of the eye witnesses that refused to meet with them. Another baffling scenario, is the sudden disappearance of one “Pastor” Solomon, who is believed, was with Victor when the incident occurred. Despite the numerous calls put through to him (Solomon) to show up, proved abortive and up till now, he still at large. Also of equal disturbance, is the call put through, to Victor’s assistant, a female pastor by the same person he (Victor) prayed for, shortly after his death, to inquire if Victor had arrived home safely, but later astonishingly states, Victor slumped in front of him.” the statement read. 
The university management, on the hand, said they were still investigating the matter and will make their findings known in due course. 
The body of the deceased had since been deposited at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital morgue.

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