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» » » » 38 BILLION CARGO AIRPORT: Benue Needs A Cargo Port In Markudi, Not Cargo Airport

Yesterday, the Benue state government flagged off the construction of CARGO Airport. The project is to gulp a whooping sum of 38 billion. After the flag-off,  alot of  people have come forward to criticize the construction tagging it as wrong decision. 

However, Mr Stephen Akuma, who happens to be one of the social medial analyst, known for his fearless contributions on sensitive issues took to his Facebook page to share his own opinion. Read it below;

“There is an airport in Makurdi. Benue State Governor (PPP) is about to build a cargo airport along Makurdi-Lafia road that will cost N34 billion to complete. Nasarawa State Governor is about to build an airport along Lafia-Abuja road. There is an airport in Abuja. It takes 4hr to travel by road from Makurdi to Abuja. So we are going to have 4 Airports between Makurdi and Abuja. You can now see the kind of leaders we have.
Funny enough Benue has a River, We don’t even need a cargo airport. We only need to dredge River Benue so that we can have a cargo port in Makurdi. This will make Makurdi a commercial hub in Nigeria. The Governor of Benue State should rather mobilise members of the National Assembly from the State to present the case for the dredging of River Benue. I consider this white elephant project a complete waste of time and resources.”

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