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» » » PRESS RELEASE: From President Of Students Union Government Akperan Orshi College Of Agriculture,Yandev-Gboko

 Distinguished and most respected Comrades all over the world, Students, the media and concerned members of the public.
Today marks closely the second month since College of Agriculture Yandev was closed down as a result of a peaceful demonstration by the students, precisely on the 3rd of August, over a hundred percentage school fees hike. It is very disheartening to note that despite the efforts of the Union through LETTER OF COMPLIANCE submitted to both the State Government and the College Management via the Honorable Commissioner for Education, that of Agriculture, which was also copied to the Chairperson, House Committee on Education, the Chairman House Committee on Agriculture, both of the Benue State House of Assemly and also to the Rector, the Registrar of the College. This letters were written and forwarded on the 9th of August, to the various Offices respectively. In the letters, the Union made it clearly known of her resolve to comply with the gazzetted new rates and humbly requested for the re-opening of the College. This letters received no reply or remose since the 9th of August they were written, only to be called for a meeting earlier last week by the Management of the College after persistent calls from the Union to reopen the College. In the meeting certain conditions were set out, one of which was that the Union should sign an undertaking unbehalf of the Students, a condition which did not go down well with the Union members with feelings that it could be a deliberate plot to get back at the Union for taking side with the Students. We accepted writing since they said it was the only thing needed to be reopen, and have written a LETTER OF ASSURANCE, reassuring both the State Government and the College Management of our readiness to comply with the gazzetted new school rates which was made known to be a law which can not be reversed, at a meeting with the Commissioner for Education. With the letter, We anticipated the news of resumption throughout the week to today all to no avail. It's against this backdrop that we call on well meaning Nigerians, Benue Citizens, Students Rights Movements et al to prevail on the Government of Benue State and School management to Reopen the institution and pave way for academic exercise. THREAT TO JUSTICE ANYWHERE IS THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE EDUCATION IS A RIGHT God Bless AOCAY. God Bless Benue State God Bless You. Thank you. Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta Yours in Struggle for Humanity Comrade Jam Jacob SU President AOCAY 07030294565

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